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Commercial Interiors

VM, Press Shows & Photoshoots

Working with such a diverse sector as retail, we are in hot demand to create props for seasonal window displays and sets for press shows/photo shoots and conferences.  
From a simple box plinth finished to a brand specific colour scheme, to a waved wall section engineered & created using an intricate halved jointing system. With extremely tight deadlines, a vast spectrum of briefs and varied budgetary requirements, we have a reputation of “pulling it out of the bag”, ensuring the brands get the products they need, on time, with the least amount of fuss!

Museums and Visitors Centres  

With the creative use of graphics & visual displays, Visitor Centre interiors can offer information at a glance & local history at your fingertips becoming small scale museums in their own right.  We take this on board & work toward producing a welcoming & inviting environment through our approach to produce & provide quality interiors that suit any scale.

Museum interiors combine education & display function at its most creative. These high spec interiors so often dynamic in design are influenced by many outside factors: location, environment, history & the ability to engage the viewing public. We explore the range of possibilities to achieve successful interactive interiors by exploiting the use of texture & colour, focusing on durability. All the while we give consideration to the buildings security & integrity whilst maintaining the overall vibe of the intended experience. 

Where the items to be displayed are of a historic or delicate nature we understand they may be subject to conservation guidelines, and in turn may dictate which materials are acceptable to use. Whether it is the use of low formaldehyde products or specified adhesives, where necessary we look at redeveloping existing construction methods & prototyping to suit all our client’s needs.


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